English title

An Evangelical Christian man attends the burial of his father in his hometown, where he has to participate in religious cults that clash with his beliefs.
Original title COCOTE
Director Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
COUNTRY Dominican Republic
Sales Agent Luxbox
Genre Drama
Year 2017
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability 2017
Technical Information
Language Spanish
Duration 106
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 1.85
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Producer Fernando Santos Díaz
Production Companies
Cast Vicente Santos, Yuberbi de la Rosa, Enerolisa Núñez
Alberto, an evangelical gardener, returns to his hometown to attend his father’s funeral, killed by an influential man. To mourn the deceased, he is forced to participate in religious celebrations that are contrary to his will and beliefs.
Vicente Santos
Yuberbi de la Rosa
Enerolisa Núñez
Judith Rodriguez Perez
Pepe Sierra
Ricardo Ariel Toribio