English title

Scientists working in the Austrian Alps discover that a glacier is leaking a liquid that appears to be affecting local wildlife.
Original title BLUTGLETSCHER
Director Marvin Kren
Sales Agent Rezo World Sales
Genre Creature Horror
Year 2013
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability 2014
Technical Information
Language German
Duration 93
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 2.35
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Benjamin Hessler
Producer Helmut Grasser
Production Companies Allegro Film
Cast Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Brigitte Kren
Janek is a technician on a climate observation station high up in the Alps. He is a loner, the regularly changing scientists who share the rocky idyll with him are just tolerated by him. Making things more difficult is the approaching visit of the environment minister, which brings rivalries at the station to the boil. So everyone involved is grateful when their barren routine is interrupted by a strange discovery. A red liquid pours from a nearby glacier, melted free from the ice crust shrinking with climate change. This "glacier blood" turns out to be a very special juice, with unimagined effects on the local animals. Soon Janek has his hands full defending himself and the station against a growing horde of monstrosities: biological ones lurking outside, human ones inside. And as if all that wasn't already dangerous enough, his heart also threatens to break: among the minister's entourage is Tanja, who is the only one who knows the reason for Janek's self-chosen isolation...
Gerhard Liebmann
Edita Malovcic
Brigitte Kren
Hille Beseler
Peter Knaack

Press Quotes
Though essentially a familiar monster movie / survival horror story, Blood Glacier is so well put together that it feels fresh and punches well above its weight.
Eye for Film
a smart, contemporary creature feature that addresses, through genre, the radical environmental changes that we're all dooming ourselves to fight, flee or adopt.
Sight and Sound