English title

On a Friday morning, the employees at Panamerican Machinery Inc. are already winding down for the weekend, when an unexpected turn of events shakes their peaceful monotony.
Director Joaquín del Paso
Sales Agent Luxbox
Genre Drama
Year 2015
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability Spring 2016
Technical Information
Language Spanish
Duration 90
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 2.35
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Lucy Pawlak, Joaquín del Paso
Producer Joaquín del Paso, Susana Bernal
Production Companies Amondo Films
Cast Ramiro Orozco, Delfino Lopez, Javier Zaragoza
A run down construction-machine factory in Mexico City: Maquinaria Panamericana. The employees are happily winding down for the weekend, just like every Friday, except that this day a shocking event breaks their routine: their beloved boss, Don Alejandro, is found dead in the back of a warehouse. Soon this discovery leads to further ones: the company is bankrupt, the workforce have no prospects of employment elsewhere and no hope for any retirement funds. In a state of confusion, fear and grief they decide to hide his death and lock themselves in their dusty workplace to play out an improbable solution.
Ramiro Orozco
Delfino Lopez
Javier Zaragoza
Cecilia García
Irene Ramirez
Regina Dupacci
Cesar Panini
Javier Camacho
Edmundo Mosqueira
Israel Ruiz
Edita Malovcic
Eduardo Castrejón
Pedro Barbosa
Hilario Vega
Maricarmen Piña
Tania Canciolla
Franco Legorreta
Efrén Esquivel
Awards & Festivals
Berlinale - EFM (Forum) 2016