English title

Each place, each space, each construction has a story. So does a house. The House. There are many stories that have happened over the decades in this one particular place. It’s a splendorous 20th Century home located on the delta of the Tigre River.
Original title LA CASA
Director Diego Lerman
COUNTRY Argentina
Sales Agent Loco Films
Genre Drama
Year 2014
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability Summer 2015
Technical Information
Language Spanish
Duration 13x52min
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 1.85
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Diego Lerman, Mara Pescio
Producer Diego Lerman, Nicolas Avruj
Production Companies Campo Cine
Cast Maria Merlino, Belen Blanco, Erica Rivas
The inhabitants may change, but the walls of a house remain. When you first move in to a house, it may seem as if those who lived there beforehand remain. What secrets are hidden within the walls? Are the passions, sufferings and joys of the people who live in a house held there forever? Ghosts tend to live in these kinds of places, serving as a sort of energy from the past, as an antidote to the forgotten or perhaps a fictitious product for those who dream of other times. THE HOUSE is an opportunity to explore and experiment with different film genres. It uses the passing of time and decades to tell unique chapters, each in the language and cultural universe of a unique era. Time will cross back and forth through individual chapters, but the specific stories and characters of each decade change. THE HOUSE proposes to tell the story of a place. Nothing more….and nothing less.
Maria Merlino
Belen Blanco
Erica Rivas
Diego Starosta
Diego Velazquez
Luis Ziembrowski