English title

In an industrial province, a series of thefts in churches is carried out by the elusive "candelabra gang" while a large asteroid is looming above. As the "end of the world" approaches, 19-year-old rebelliou Pietro and Ivan take part in one final theft.
Original title GLI ASTEROIDI
Director Germano Maccioni
Sales Agent Stray Dogs
Genre Drama
Year 2017
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability
Technical Information
Language Italian
Duration 91
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 2.39
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Giovanni Galavotti, Germano Maccioni
Producer Ivan Olgiati, Emanuele Giussani
Production Companies Ocean Productions, Articolture
Distributors Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Cast Pippo Delbono, Chiara Caselli, Riccardo Frascari
An industrial provincial area, immense and alienating. Once prosperous, the economic crisis has left a heavy mark. Endless fields, abandoned warehouses, this is the universe in which Pietro and his friend Ivan gravitate, 19-year olds in conflict with their families, their schools, with anyone and everything. In the meantime a series of church thefts by the unstoppable “candelabra gang” make the news, along with the threat of a large asteroid soon to pass close to Earth, monitored by the local astronomical station. The asteroid will come so close that Pietro and Ivan's oddball friend Cosmic, obsessed with astronomy and philosophy, is certain it will collide with the Earth and destroy mankind. As the “end of the world” approaches, Ivan convinces Pietro to take part in a theft, with dramatic consequences that will fatally strike their world.
Pippo Delbono
Chiara Caselli
Riccardo Frascari
Nicolas Balotti
Alessandro Tarabelloni
Adriana Barbieri
Marcello Dapporto
Corrado Iuvara
Paolo Marzoni
Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari
Nicola Bruschi
Valentina Cencetti
Loredana Vitale
Giovanni Frezza
Giandomenico Zeppa