English title

A husband and wife set sail across the ocean, leaving their two children to explore the freedom of being home alone. The boat goes under, and so does the family. A dog, stuck on a desert island, is their only hope.
Original title RODINNY FILM
Director Olmo Omerzu
COUNTRY Czech Republic
Sales Agent Cercamon
Genre Drama
Year 2015
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability June 2016
Technical Information
Language Czech
Duration 95
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 1.85
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Olmo Omerzu, Nebojša Pop-Tasić
Producer Jiří Konečný
Production Companies Endorfilm, 42film, Česká televize, Arsmedia, Rouge International, Punkchart films
Distributors CinemArt
Cast Karel Roden, Vanda Hybnerová, Daniel Kadlec
Adrian left for a year’s work abroad to help his family financially but when he returns home nothing is like it was before. His wife acts so differently, it’s as if they were never married. In his third feature, director Cătălin Mitulescu becomes an observer of that key moment when a love relationship teeters on the fine line between breaking up and beginning anew.
Karel Roden
Vanda Hybnerová
Daniel Kadlec
Jenovéfa Boková
Eliška Křenková
Martin Pechlát
Lukáš Milota
Marjetka Kürner Kalous
Eva Kovářová
Iva Němcová