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I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates have been developing a web solution for Audiovisual
Right-holders (‘Sales Agent’) and Customers (‘Distributor’) who have entered into an
agreement for the distribution of one of the movies presented on

The purpose of the Website is to facilitate deliveries for both Sales
Agents & foreign Distributors by providing the foreign Distributors a secured web platform
where they can check information, download documents, order Materials whenever
they want before or once authorization is given by the Right-Holder.
On their side, Sales Agents have the facility to check the stage of deliveries as well.

Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks on website are
protected. This applies for I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates’ brands and corporate logos. The
content of these pages cannot be changed without our previous consent.

All the documents available on (photos, logos, texts, images,
videos, and any information) belong to us or to third parties who have allowed us to use and
display it. You may use the content only for your personal, non-commercial use, and
provided that you acknowledge the copyright owner.

All rights reserved.
The prices of Materials are expressed in euros (€) and are VAT-inclusive but exclusive of
shipment costs. Customs duties, sums or other import taxes are at the solely responsibility of
the importer/Customer i.e. the Distributor, and shall not be liable
for failing to comply with the customs and import obligations.

I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates reserve the right to modify their prices at any time but the
Materials will be invoiced in force as advertised on the site at the time of ordering.

When you click on the “validate” button on the Store after ticking the Materials you want to
order, you officially declare that you fully accept these general conditions of sales without
Once you validate your order on you will receive the
corresponding invoice per e-mail which you need to communicate to your bank for money
transfer from your bank to your bank.
I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates’ bank details figure on the invoice you receive after
confirming your order on the Store.
Documents free of charge can be downloaded from as soon as the
access to documents is confirmed by the Sales Agent to I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates.

Materials ordered on are shipped after full payment:
- By the international express courier you have indicated in your Account’s details (‘My
Details’) with your courier account number.
- To the delivery address you have indicated in your Account’s details (‘My Details’).

If you do not have any courier account data entered in your Account’s details, a 250€ fee will
be automatically applied on your invoice for shipping fees (excluding 35mm prints which will
be subject to separate invoice).

If you do complete all the courier information data in your Account’s details, you will be
invoiced directly by your courier company so please check with them costs of shipment from
Paris and Paris region (France) towards your delivery address.

Once the Distributor is granted with access to Initial and/or Final Materials by the Sales
Agent and this condition has been confirmed by the Sales Agent to I MEDIATE and/or its
affiliates, upon receipt of Materials’ full payment made to I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates,
Materials will be shipped from Paris and/or from Paris region (France) within 10 (ten) working days.

Once the Materials are picked-up by the international express courier, the delay for deliveries
depends on the courier service you are using and on the distance between Paris region
(France) and your delivery address. Please check with your usual international express
courier the exact schedules for a shipment from Paris region (France).

Please note that at specific times of the year like New Year’s holidays, or at other public
holidays (in France or abroad) international express courier may encounter some difficulties
to deliver in standard times.

Materials and shipments are at Distributor’s full charge.
If the material has a manufacturing defect, if an item is missing in the package or if an
incorrect item is shipped to you, please contact us within contractual delays for replacement
details per e-mail to or per telephone +33 9 73 19 91 37 (fixed line). The
cost of a phone call is standard with regards to international fares.

If you're worried about the cost of calling us, we will be happy to phone you back.

In the event of loss, of unusual delay or of deterioration of the Material during transport, the
Distributor will have to contact its international express courier as fast as possible. In case of
loss or deterioration during shipment of the Material, the replacement (manufacture and
shipment) will be at the charge of the Distributor who may take action against its express
courier responsible for the Materials’ transport.

If the Distributor wants to cancel the order after shipment of the Material from Paris region
(France), for any other reason not mentioned above, the material cannot be refunded, returned
or exchanged.
When you order any Material to I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates, it is a direct Agreement
between you and I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates, and thus it is subjected to the French law.
Terms, conditions, and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of
France. Any dispute between the parties relating to this Agreement shall be resolved
exclusively in the courts of Paris, France.
You may be asked to enter personal and/or company details on our website. These will be saved
and processed to the extent that this is necessary for you to access files on the website and to
send you requested information. I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates assure you that all details
given will be treated as confidential in accordance with all applicable privacy protection laws.
Although I MEDIATE and/or its affiliates constantly work to keep
free of viruses, it cannot guarantee a virus-free website. Users are therefore advised to install
appropriate protection devices and virus scanners prior to downloading any document.
Equally, users should use all protection devices and a virus scanner necessary to ensure that
no viruses are transmitted to