I MEDIATE SERVICING is the 1st French company providing to Sales agents and domestic distributors, audiovisual services to enable deliveries of audiovisual programs (film, documentary, TV drama, series ...) in France and worldwide.
in 2018, Our clients include About Premium Content, Alma Cinémas, Cercamon, Luxbox, Other Angle Pictures, Loco Films, Rezo Films, SBS Films, Stray Dogs, Studiocanal TV Series, and French distributors: Saje Distribution and Rezo Films
For further information, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below or call us at the following number + 33 1 85 09 10 23 Or you can visit our website: www.imediate-servicing.fr
I MEDIATE SERVICING offers a complete range of services adapted to the specific needs of each rights holder (sales agent or distributor), services which range from consulting on the acquisition of materials to manufacturing and delivering the materials to sales agents, distributors, video editors, broadcasters or film markets, whether these are one-shot deals or full servicing solutions. This includes negotiating and approving the legal terms for acquisition and deliveries, assuring the quality of the elements received, preparing technical budgets and follow-ups of P&A, assisting with local administrative procedures, managing technical operations in any format for feature films, collaborating on trailers, teasers and promoreels, networking with industrials, creative agencies, free-lance editors and other technical crew, undertaking the restoration of heritage films for a re-release, managing subtitling & dubbing processes, supervising the technical aspects of work-in-progress screenings, press screenings, and premieres …

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