Who can register on this
website ? Why should I buy
online from I Mediate ?
www.imediateservicing.fr is intended to professional sales
agents and foreign distributors who have contracted
together a commercial agreement in the field of cinema
distribution. I Mediate and/or its affiliates have been
mandated to proceed with the relevant deliveries.

After your registration as a Distributor and being identified
as such, you may have access to general documentation
(dialogues lists, music cue sheets, etc.) and order materials
on-line (if your company has been granted with such
access by the sales agent). Therefore it is secured and data
are reserved to professionals only.
How can I register ? Should
create an account ?
To register, please visit the page "MY ACCOUNT" and
complete the form regarding your company, including your
contact details (professional e-mail address, phone number,
billing address, delivery address).
Once you have duly completed all the required entries and
you have clicked on the "Register" button, you will receive
by e-mail your login & password in a 2-days delay.

Later, whenever you will connect again under your login &
password, you will be able to consult, modify or suppress your
own data.
How can I see
documentation and
materials list ?
Here the Step-by-step procedure:
(1) You have to be connected under your personal login
address and password on www.imediateservicing.fr to go
(2) You visit the film page you are interested in. You can
request access to the film by clicking on the "Request Access"
button on the top right or at the foot of the film page. This
will send an automatic request to I Mediate for checking
whether the relevant Sales Agent has given their approval
regarding your limited (i.e. part of the MG paid) or full
(whole balance of the MG paid) access to the film.
(3) You will receive an e-mail of notification when the
authorization of access to the film is active on the website.
(4) You connect again under your personal login address
and password on www.imediateservicing.fr, return on the
film page you are interested in. The "Request Access" button
has been now replaced by a "Go to Store" button. Click on it
and a new page will unfold revealing different sections:
"Downloads" / "Publicity" / "Teaser" and "Trailer" when
limited access (i.e. part of the MG paid)
The previous sections, "Feature" and if available "DVD
bonuses" when full access (i.e. whole MG paid)
How can I download
documents ?
Here the Step-by-step orders guide:
(3) From Step (2) described here above, for downloading
the documents free of charge, simply click on the arrow
down button. It will open the file and you can register it on
your device through your usual reading software.
How can I purchase
materials ?
(3) From Step (2) described here above, the website behaves
as any other classical shopping website. You choose the item
you want, you specify the quantity, and you choose the
format of delivery (via the Internet, delivered on a CD/DVD
or on a physical master i.e. external hard drive disk, or a
video tape).
(4) Once ready to finalise your order, you click on the
"Validate" button and a pop-up message appears. You are
asked to check your order a last time, and if you are happy
with it, you click on the "OK" button, which will definitely
register your order. If you want to cancel an item or add
another item, you click on the "Cancel" button and you will
be back on the store page.
(5) An invoice will be automatically generated with all the
elements you want to purchase for quick payment with
your bank.
How can I check the status
of my order ?
(1) You have to be connected under your personal login
address and password on www.imediateservicing.fr to go further.
(2) You visit ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page and then you click on the
‘TITLES’ section. Your past and on-going orders will appear
on this page. You will be able to read different status
dependent on the stage of payment and delivery process.
Here are the different status you will read for each stage:
- Outstanding payment
- Order placed at the lab
- Order picked up by the express courier / AWB number
- Delivered on DD/MM/YY