English title

In a series of vignettes, a partially handicapped man lives days in anguish as he tries to find a way to leave Dhaka.
Original title LIVE FROM DHAKA
Director Abdullah Mohammad Saad
COUNTRY Bangladesh
Sales Agent Stray Dogs
Genre Drama
Year 2016
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability
Technical Information
Language Bengali
Duration 91
Color or B&W B&W
Image ratio 2.39
Sound format SR
Script Abdullah Mohammad Saad
Producer Shamsur Rahman Alvy, Ehsanul Haque Babu, Arifur Rahman, Bijon
Production Companies Khelna Chobi
Distributors Goopy Bagha Productions Limited
Cast Mostafa Houari, Tasnova Tamanna, Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury
Within the pressure-cooker reality of living and surviving in Dhaka, physically handicapped Sazzad has just lost all his money in a recent stock market crash. Struggling to survive and hounded by loan sharks, he no longer knows how to deal with his girlfriend Rehana and his drug addicted brother Michael. As the pressure mounts, Sazzad becomes increasingly desperate to find any means to escape from Dhaka and his troubles, sinking deeper into the darkness of his soul.
Mostafa Houari
Tasnova Tamanna
Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury
Mosharrof Hossen
Shimul Joy
Tuhin Tamijul
Tahsin Pratik
Sayba Talukder
Chinmoy Roy
Ali Afjal Uzzal
Awards & Festivals
Silver Screen Award (Abdullah Mohammad Saad) in 2016
Silver Screen Award (Mostafa Monwar) in 2016