English title

Arnaud Dubois is the son of a rich banker but he does not look like his father at all. He thinks he is not his son. He decides to become Mohamed to seduce a girl.
Original title MOHAMED DUBOIS
Director Ernesto Ona
Sales Agent Other Angle Pictures
Genre Comedy
Year 2012
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability Spring 2013
Technical Information
Language French
Duration 94
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio scope
Sound format SR-SRD + 5.1 uncompressed
Script Ernesto Ona, Ichem Saïbi
Producer Manuel Munz
Production Companies Les Films Manuel Munz, Wild Bunch
Distributors Wild Bunch Distribution
Cast Eric Judor, Baya Belal, Youssef Hajdi
Arnaud Dubois, son of a wealthy French banker, doesn’t look like his father at all. Instead, he looks like an Arab. He becomes persuaded that his father is Saïd, the ex-tennis coach of his mother. He then falls in love with Sabrina who won't even look at him unless she thinks he is really an Arab. So he changes his name for Mohamed, and tries to become a part of her community.
Eric Judor
Baya Belal
Youssef Hajdi
Sabrina Ouazani
Mhamed Arezki

Press Quotes
Eric Judor is the king of the box office. In Mohamed Dubois the comedian portrays the heir of a famous bank who discovers his father is not the man he thinks he is. (…)
Ernest Ona pulls it off with this new comedy about identity, well-written, clever and often very funny.
Le Parisien