English title

After a DNA test, Pierre discovers that the woman he calls Mom is not his biological mother.
Original title MAE SÓ TEM UMA
Director Anna Muylaert
Sales Agent Loco Films
Genre Drama
Year 2016
Delivery status Completed
Date of availability Spring 2016
Technical Information
Language Portuguese
Duration 82
Color or B&W Color
Image ratio 1.85
Sound format 5.1 uncompressed
Script Anna Muylaert
Producer Anna Muylaert, Sara Silveira, Maria Ionescu
Production Companies África Filmes, Dezenove Som e Imagem
Distributors Vitrine Filmes
Cast Naomi Nero, Daniel Botelho, Daniela Nefussi
A rock band, a joint, a mirror, a lipstick, a kiss. DON’T CALL ME SON shows a month in the life of Pierre, a teenager who lives in the suburbs of São Paulo with his careful mother and sister. Always riding his bike freely on the streets, he experiences his life and his sexuality. One day Aracy, his mother, is late for dinner, leaving behind an empty and dark home. When she arrives, she is accompanied by two police agents. Pierre is then informed that they have a denunciation saying that he might not be the son of Aracy. He is obliged to do a DNA test. And soon the shock comes: In one row he discovers that his mother is not his mother, his sister is not his sister, his name is not his name and his life is not his life. His world falls apart. In a very high speed his mother goes to jail –involved in his new born kidnaping. Pierre is introduced to his new mother, his new father and his new brother Joca - all richer them him. Pierre has to move to their house, he has to change his identity.
Naomi Nero
Daniel Botelho
Daniela Nefussi